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Release Date: 1st January 1997
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Compositions by Noah Howard

  1. Blessings
  2. Bayou Dream

Compositions by others

  1. Joyful Blues,
  2. Hopes become Real,
  3. Whisperson,
  4. Tender Optimism,
  5. Ethiopia,
  6. DoutsVanish,
  7. Rhapsody With Few,
  8. Transpersonal,
  9. Moonlight in Motion,
  10. Evening on the Ganges,
  11. Ready Room,
  12. A GiftBlessings

About the album

Recording: NYC, 1997
Label: Cadence Jazz records

 Recorded with

Noah Howard (as)
Kali Z. Fasteau (s)
Joe Mc Phee (ts)
Sonelius Smith (p)
Warren Smith (b)
Mike Wimberly (per)
Bobby Few (p)
Bobby Kapp (dr)