Noah Howard Noah Howard


Live at Documenta IX

Release Date: 1st January 1992
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  1. Phoenix
  2. Kentucky
  3. Karma
  4. Joy
  5. Night trip
  6. Masai
  7. Lovers
  8. Bush Talk

About the album

Recording: Netherlands, July 1992
Label: 1st issue: Megadisc – Produced by P + C and Alt Sax Music (MDC 7874)
2nd issue: Boxholder BXH025 2002

 Recorded with

Michael Joseph Smith, piano & keyboards
Jack Gregg, contrebass
Chris Henderson, drums
Noah Howard, alto & tenor sax, vocals

Album Review

Flow in psychology means oneness between you and your doing. Flow in Noah Howard’s music means high density: the experience of happily being absorbed in an improvisational flow exceeding all boundaries of categorization. Such was the feeling at a breathtaking live performance of altosaxman Noah Howard at the Documenta 9 in Kasel. A special reunion of the Noah Howard Quartet chilled a captive audience: virtuoso Michael Joseph on keyboards and piano, powerful Jack Gregg on bass, crisp Chris Henderson on drums. What unfolded was a complete magic circle cast by New Orleans-born Noah Howard who has travelled from his roots in Dixieland, Gospel and Free Jazz thru the wonderland of world music and funk back to a refined group approach in free-form.
Witness a heavy revolution of musical soul!
Listen to Noah Howard, Free-Jazz legend of the sixties, resuscitating his favourite musical terrain in the ’90s. Spirited, sensual, energetic.
- Andrea Tapper