Noah Howard Noah Howard


The eye of the improvisor

Release Date: 1st January 2003
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Tracks CD 1

  1. Olé
  2. Lovers
  3. Marie Laveau
  4. Lotus flower
  5. Domiabra
  6. Paris dreams
  7. Over the rainbow
  8. Lift every voice and sing
  9. Orula

Tracks CD 2

  1. New arrival
  2. Back a’town blues
  3. Creole girl
  4. Ole negro
  5. Mars
  6. Schizophrenic blues
  7. Tele transport
  8. This place called earth
  9. Traffic one

About the album

This 2 cd set is a compilation of different compositions recorded over the last 30 years.
A lot of these compositions have never been heard in the USA, because most of this material was recorded in live concerts and studios in different countries in Europe. Although there are some recordings that have been made in the USA, the purpose of relaesing this material to the public is to give people a chance to hear the evolution of my art over the last 30 years and to dedicate this music to my beloved artistic companions who were all great master musicians, who loved improvised music and gave so much of their heart and soul and artistic talent to make this music happen.
I also dedicate this music to all the master musicians who have passed away and left a lasting impact on my life.

Noah Howard


Released: 2003
Label: Alt Sax Records (2030)