Noah Howard Noah Howard


That look


  1. Pier
  2. Entropy
  3. My Shoe is Wrong
  4. Habrosun – Now is Winter
  5. Hungry
  6. Blue Neon
  7. Red Dress
  8. Hotel
  9. That Look
  10. Floyd
  11. Daybreak
  12. Small
  13. I’m beginning to like it
  14. The Duke
  15. T for Trash
  16. Shango

About the album

Compositions by Noah Howard and poetry by Eve Packer

Recording: NYC, 2001
Label: Boxholder

Recorded with

Noah Howard (as)
Eve Packer (voc)
Wilber Morris (b)
Bob Cunningham (p)
Warren Smith (per)
Leo Izzo (g)